Carlos Welch: Co-host Thinking Poker Daily, MTT Beast, & Back to Being Homeless

Welcome back my fine feathered friend to another episode of the “Chasing Poker Greatness” podcast. I’m your host, founder of Chasing Poker Greatness, Brad Wilson.

Today the one and only Carlos Welch is back for the third time on CPG and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Don’t tell Andrew Brokos over at the Thinking Poker podcast but I’m secretly dreaming Carlos will reach out to me about being a regular co-host of CPG.

He’s just the kind of dude that, once you get to know him, you wanna spend as much time with him as you possibly can. Unfortunately for your favorite podcast host, you’re about to learn that getting chances to chill out with Coach Carlos are rare opportunities indeed.

As far as his poker credentials go…

Carlos is an MTT beast who regularly battles in the biggest buy-in MTT’s on Ignition, he’s a writer for PokerNews and Tournament Poker Edge, and he’s also a co-host on the aforementioned Thinking Poker podcast.

In today’s conversation with the always Great Carlos Welch, you’re about to learn:

– How to avoid paying resort fees so that you can stay at the RIO during the WSOP for a paltry $30 or so per night.

– Why Carlos prefers playing on his own dime.

– Lessons and meditations on the blessings of both giving and receiving.

– And much, much more!

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And now, without any further ado, I bring to you one of my all-time favorite human beings in the world of poker, the always inspiring and entertaining Carlos Welch.

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