Coach Bahman: Raise Your Edge High Performance Coach

Today’s guest on CPG is a high performance coach for folks ranging from business execs to professional athletes to, most importantly of all, poker players… the performance coach of Raise Your Edge Coach Bahman.

This is Coach’s second of what I imagine to be many future stops on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast so if you missed Round 1 you may wanna hop into the way back machine and listen to our first conversation so that you can gobble up all of Coach Bahman’s Greatness Bombs.

In today’s show with Coach Bahman we’re gonna dive into some of his coaching techniques including provocation, get his thoughts on Phil Hellmuth threatening to light his own hair on fire if he can’t win, and much, much more.

Before you dive into today’s show I just wanted to remind you that on December 1st. 2021 my private coaching rates are going up and then on January 1st. 2022 I’m going to put a freeze on purchasing any private coaching sessions with me until at least April 1st. 2022.

I’ll honor any sessions purchased before January 1st but my immediate goal is to put as much energy as I possibly can into the CPG Wolves CFP program.

And if you were planning on finding a private coach sometime next year I will be training and bringing on an associate coach to fill that void. Just giving you a heads up.

Now, without any further ado, I bring to you one of the most beloved and respected mindset and performance coaches in the world of poker… the great Coach Bahman.

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