Jonathan Little: WPT Player of the Year, 2X WPT Champ, & Founder of

On today’s show, we break the thermometer and watch the mercury spill out all over your brand new Crocs (What a waste of mercury) as I am very pleased to welcome back the one and only human in the world who can say they’re my boss, the great Jonathan Little.

Strap into your seat because today’s conversation is going to cover playing poker, teaching poker, learning poker, and learning from poker.

JL is a powerhouse in the poker community as he has over $7 Million in live MTT cashes, is a 2x WPT champion, is the season 6 WPT player of the year, and works so hard he makes me feel like I’m asleep at the wheel.

He posts a weekly blog, has at least two podcasts, publishes multiple YouTube vids per week, and has built his baby,, into one of the most dominant poker training platforms on the market.

Oh, and remember the last time we talked to Jonathan, and he told us with a straight face he wouldn’t write another book?

Me too but it appears the man just can’t help himself as he’s wrapped up yet another eventual poker classic, which means the count is now up to 15 best-selling poker strategy books.

In today’s conversation with the founder of, you’re going to learn:

– How a homeless dude in a junkyard was the catalyst to Jonathan’s poker career.

– Adjustments you ought to make when playing against weaker opponents.

– How Jonathan manages to continue to find stuff to write about.

– And much, much more!

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Without further ado, l bring to you cardplayer, entrepreneur, 15 times author, and fan-favorite Jonathan Little!

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