Matt Vaughan: Poker Vlogger & Head Coach of School of Cards

Today’s guest on the podcast is YouTube vlogger extraordinaire and School of Cards head coach, Matt Vaughan.

Matt’s one of those guys who constantly has his nose to the grindstone working to upgrade his game.

While known primarily for his poker vlogs on YouTube, where he has amassed an impressive 18k+ subscribers, the dude’s poker skills are legit.

If you need evidence, go check out Matt’s impressive showing battling on Solve For Why’s Poker Out Loud.

The man is a gamer.

And before you dive into today’s episode, you may have heard about Matt’s recent debacle on Ignition (If not, you can click through the link in today’s showpage to Matt’s YouTube channel and find the video titled “I lost $136,686”).

Unfortunately this conversation was recorded before all that went down so you’re not going to get to hear us dive deep.

Here’s my opinion on the matter:

While playing a poker tournament on Ignition (where everyone is totally anonymous) in a state where they don’t service players is against their terms and services, I believe that from an ethical standpoint Matt didn’t do very much wrong.

If it was on a platform where he had a screen name and his opponent’s assumed they were playing against a different human then that would be one thing…

But there’s zero edge gained by just being anonymous player #6.

With that said there are obviously consequences for breaking the rules of Ignition and Matt paid a very, very heavy price.

Maybe one day in the future all of us in the USA will have access to legal, regulated online poker once again so that we can all just focus on playing this game we love and beating each other’s brains in legally.

With that out of the way, in today’s episode with Matt Vaughan, you’re going to learn

– Why working hard to understand your opponents is of vital importance.

– Stories from Matt’s greatest hits collection in his journey playing cards.

– And much, much more!

So without any further ado, I present to you an amazing dude who is a more amazing poker player, the one and only Matt Vaughan.

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